ABC News Interview

Dr. Alma hosted at her headquarters a film and production crew from ABC News to highlight her campaign for Congress.  The crew first arrived at her headquarters in Uvalde where they met and talked with volunteers then proceeded to her ranch for a more personal visit.  The video and still photography will appear as TV and internet content most likely featured on Nightline and

Bexar County & RPT Precinct Rally

Dr. Alma and her team joined the Bexar County Precinct Chairs for a rally and social gathering the night before early voting begins.  This was a fun event that included food, music and even some dancing.

Del Rio Forum

Dr. Alma attended the Del Rio Republican Party and Republican Women’s Forum where she had the chance to address the crowd on a blustery afternoon.  Food and drinks were provided by the Republican Party of Texas.  It was a fun event.

Allen Tharp Forum & Fundraiser

Dr. Alma was invited to the residence of Allen Tharp for a fundraiser and Forum where she wowed the crowd with her conservative ideas and values.  Allen Tharp had previously endorsed her and announced at the event the additional endorsement from the San Antonio Tea Party.

Dr Alma and Friends Have a Full Sunday But Find Time for God

Dr. Alma and friends attended the Cornerstone Church early morning service where the theme was Cowboy Church in celebration of rodeo week.  The group then visited the New Creation Fellowship Church to be honored on stage for the courage to run for public office.  The day was capped off by a Meet & Greet at  the home of Danny Kalk, Bexar County Precinct Chair 3076.

San Antonio Republican Women Forum for County Chair

Dr. Alma and friends attended the San Antonio Republican Women forum for the Bexar County Republican Chair.  Here she appears with good friends and campaign volunteers Estella Gonzales-Cardoza and Alma Jackson.  Dr. Alma did not speak but she did talk a lot, that is to the participants and the audience.

McCamey Forum

Dr. Alma and Terri DuBose made a quick trip into West Texas to address the folks of McCamey and surrounding area in a candidate forum sponsored by the Upton and Crane County Republican Party organizations.  It was great to see such a large turn-out for these rural areas.  Dr. Alma was well received as she spoke boldly about her pro-border security (including building the wall where feasible) stand, her background as a migrant farm worker, and her strong Christian faith.

Fox News El Paso Interview

Dr. Alma Arredondon-Lynch gave an interview with Fox News El Paso – KFOX TV.  The station had prepared questions highlighted by the Wall and DACA recipients.  Of course we all know by now she favors the President’s plan on building the wall where feasible.  Her views on DACA remain unchanged.  She still believes DACA recipients should receive the same treatment as any other immigrant seeking work and/or citizen status but they should first go back to their country of origin.

Univision El Paso

Dr. Alma appeared in an interview with Univision El Paso to answer questions on veterans and border and immigration issues.  Alma is fluent in Spanish and can effectively converse with people who live and work on or near the border with Mexico.  As a you migrant farm worker she understands the issues associated with immigrant workers.

Eagle Pass & the Wall

Dr. Alma and Terri DuBose made a campaign swing through Eagle Pass to visit with the people and put up signs.  Here Alma is shown in front of the existing wall near the Rio Grande River in downtown Eagle Pass.