I will vote to repeal the failing Obamacare, promote free-market healthcare across state lines to help lower premiums and bring down deductibles. We need to make insurance companies compete for your business dollars and stop subsidizing them. When they compete for your business, you have a greater choice to pick from and not one that is forced by the Federal Government. As a dentist, in General Practice, I am one of the few who treats special needs patients, cancer patients, and geriatrics. The direct healthcare provider to patient relationship must be free of government interference to provide the best possible and most affordable care. Today, we see so much red-tape with Medicaid and Medicare rendering these programs useless and unproductive to the healthcare profession, forcing providers to opt out. I would scrutinize programs such as MCNA (Managed Care of North America, Inc.) and DentaQuest and their unreasonable demands that cause undue hardships on the Medical and Dental Providers. These are some, not all of the issues I would like to address.