I believe in the Rule of Law. To have civility, we must have a society that understands and obeys the “Rule of Law”.  Without it, chaos ensues endangering individual liberties and domestic tranquility.  I believe in the control of our borders, strong security, including building a wall, unlike my opponent who is against a physical wall. Those propagating a virtual reality wall do not understand the enormity of the problem.  Grids fail, drones break down rendering them useless.  Granted, the wall will take all shapes and forms, the landscape dictating the kind of wall. Drug cartels and human trafficking operations are way ahead of the game in the technological world.  They have the latest technology.  To think that we can stay ahead of the game, with a virtual reality wall is ludicrous.

We must stop the flow of illegal entry.  The wall is a good way to repel illegal crossings.

We are in this mess because the progressive liberals and RINO “Republicans” ideology of political correctness failed to enforce the immigration laws on the books.  If immigration laws had been enforced for the last 40-50 years we wouldn’t be experiencing the problems we are seeing today – high crimes committed by illegal immigrants, civil disobedience and jihadist attacks on American soil.

I am advocating an increase of Border Patrol Personnel, with better incentives such as increase in their salaries, benefits for hardship stations, making it lucrative to attract them to these least desired locations. We need to make incentives attractive to them so their spouses can be happy.  I was one of the spouses, who lived in a hardship station. There are few places nearby to go shopping, few good schools and medical facilities, etc.  Those men and women in law enforcement in hardship areas understand what I am trying to accomplish. For example in Alaska, to attract Dentists and Physicians because of the remoteness of the landscape, they include one month paid vacation, plus training time up to 2 weeks, and also pay 1/3 of their college loans for every year served in the hardship stations.  I would like to see a program like this implemented for our hardworking men and women in law enforcement.  We must have a decent budget that allows for our agents to be properly equipped for their safety.

We must identify all illegals and deport all criminal aliens; those who commit crimes such as murder, rape, DWI, human trafficking, terrorism, gang related crimes such MS 13.  ILLEGALS caught must be deported immediately.

Those illegals not included in the criminal category must enroll into a Documentation Program for vetting and biometrics testing and a 1 year cutoff date should be set.  All illegals who do not enroll with the program by cutoff date should be automatically deported.  All those not able to pass proper vetting must be deported immediately.  No illegal should receive local, state or federal funds on behalf of themselves or their children. Temporary residents will not be allowed to vote in any elections.

No in-state tuition rates should be reserved for undocumented/ illegal residents.